Barcelona MSX meeting - May 10th

by snout on 08-05-2003, 15:39
Topic: Events

Source: Asociación Amigos del MSX

This saturday many MSX friends will meet in Barcelona, Spain. For the 23rd time in history, the aamsx holds their reunion of MSX users. During this day, there will be a Quarth Tournament in challenging settings (Speed: 6, Level: 7). Several active MSX developers will be there as well:

  • Moai-tech will release a new magazine and bring old editions along as well
  • Club Mesxes will also release a new magazine, bring old magazines and some softwarel
  • Desgalitxat MSX will bring second hand MSX software and collectors-items
  • Calamar group will bring MSX HOT-Numbers and several MSX cables (like PSX2MSX)
  • Manuel Pazos and Armando Perez will sell Mega FLASH ROM cartridges
  • aamsx will have second hand software, the Quarth Tournament and MSX software on CD and disk
  • Lehanak will bring fanzines
  • Although it is unkown what their activities will be, Santiago Fdez Tudela and Taburoto will be there as well

So if you are in or near Barcelona this saturday, you should really have a look at the aamsx meeting. More details on the meeting can be found on their website.

Relevant link: Asociación Amigos del MSX