Wakachan's CG Collection for MSX2/2+

Wakachan's CG Collection for MSX2/2+

by ro on 12-06-2019, 07:54
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Wakachan is a very prolific Japanese CG artist that publishes his works since the 80s. He's well known for his lovable characters, that seem to be alive. Most of his art was published for the NEC PC-98 and PC-88, but he was also an MSX user back in the 80s, owning a respectable Toshiba HX-34.

Some time ago, MRC user FRS contacted Wakachan to ask if he (FRS) could re-make MSX2/2+ versions of this beautiful artwork. Wakachan agreed, and gave some tips and feedback during the whole process. It all worked out. This collection has then a very special meaning. It's both a celebration of FRS' recovery, and a homage to Wakachan artist skills and friendliness.

relevant link: Wakachan MSX collection

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By ToriHino

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12-06-2019, 20:09

Thanks, and all the best for FRS!

By Takamichi

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13-06-2019, 16:34

What the find, Wakachan even added his signature dated 2018! And he really is prolific, he has been drawing DAILY for 24 years! http://www.ateliermw.com/wakachan/diary.html