TriloTracker - Beta program initiated

TriloTracker - Beta program initiated

by snout on 31-12-2012, 21:15
Topic: Music

TriloByte have started distributing the first beta versions of TriloTracker, their upcoming SCC/PSG music tracker that supports multiple events per step and offers Moonblaster 1.4 import functionality. Although an MSX Turbo R is highly recommended, the minimum requirements are an MSX2 with 256kB RAM and MSX-DOS2.

All you have to do to get your hands on a beta version - and help out finding bugs, usability improvements and suggestions for new features - is send an email. The entire process is explained in the first post in this forum topic. An incomplete but already useful manual can be found over here.

To get a general idea of the capabilities of the tracker, John Hassink has released a few nice videos of TriloTracker in action on his YouTube channel.

Relevant link: TriloTracker beta thread

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  • TriloTracker - Beta program initiated
  • TriloTracker - Beta program initiated
  • TriloTracker - Beta program initiated

Comments (8)

By Jorito

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01-01-2013, 21:14

I really like the idea of this new tracker, especially the multiple events per step! Unfortunately I'm a bit too busy with another project right now to give the beta version a spin...

By snout

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02-01-2013, 22:47

Looking forward to toying around with this tracker indeed. Requested a beta, now refreshing my inbox continuously Smile

Seems multiple events per step is the hip thing, as MS² also offers this interesting feature.

One question though: is full support for the SCC+ planned? Is there any reason to not do this?

By Huey

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03-01-2013, 10:14

@snout: I have been away for a few days so I didn't send out any beta's in the last week. Before sending a new round I want to fix a few bugs found in previous testings.

I have no plans for supporting the SCC+ at the moment. The shared waveform is something that isn't very limiting as we experienced during testing. The tracker supports SCC-I and SCC+ in the SCC compatibilty mode though.
I think it is much more interesting to think of 'effects' for the SCC waveforms. At the moment we have Duty Cycle, Waveform cut and Vertical compression. But in the next versions I'd like to add Morphing (between 2 waveforms), Linking (play different waveforms after each other) and Samples (Probably the quality will be bad ;) ).

During Christmas I was able to build a compiler and replayer for the music files to be used for projects. It's still work in progress but I have come pretty far.

By Huey

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04-01-2013, 17:51

The new Beta version (0.6.2) has been mailed to all testers.

Started to toy around with it myself: video

By Huey

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17-01-2013, 19:43

More progress from testers:
Androrogynus by Gryzor87


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31-12-2013, 23:30


By Huey

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19-01-2014, 11:17

Update: Next week during the MSX fair in Nijmegen we will release a public download of the latest TT version.

At the moment we are working on fixing and improving disk related funtionalities (mostly handling disk errors).

By syn

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19-01-2014, 16:53

This is great news!!

I am looking forward to this new release and it would be a good reason for me to look at TT again Wink