The first CheatMSX updates of 2016

The first CheatMSX updates of 2016

by syn on 29-01-2016, 23:51
Topic: Websites

During the 2016 edition of the MSX fair in Nijmegen, Hydragon (famous for wearing the NMS tie that day) was working on updating his site, Cheatmsx. Basically there are 2 new things added this time around:

  • A new section called Emulator Cheats, contributed by mars2000you, consists of cheats for the BlueMSX emulator which are now downloadable in .mcf format.
  • Another addition to the site was made possible by larsthe18th, who created a special modified CheatMSX-version of his Ghostbusters Password Generator, giving you the username CHEATMSX.

Now with 7 sections (Cheats, Maps, FAQS, IPS Patches, Peeks & Pokes, Emulator Cheats and Password Generators), Hydragon feels the site now covers almost all areas of gameplay related information.

CheatMSX is always looking for new content. You can add your own content to CheatMSX though e-mail and feel free to support the site through Patreon.

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