Suite Macabre

Suite Macabre

by ro on 24-12-2020, 15:16
Topic: Software

The Spanish publisher Micromancers has just released their new adventure game Suite Macabre. This might just be the perfect x-mas gift for us, MSX geeks.

Suite Macabre is an adventure game created by developer Maltanto, in which you impersonate a shy research assistant in search for his mentor, Dr. Kowalski. You untangle Dr. K’s mysterious vanishing in the abandoned Dunwich Hotel while taking care of the strange and disturbing wandering creatures. Interact with the environment, pick and use unsuspected objects, and fight bosses to reach your goal. No easy task.

Judging previous Micromancers releases, like Multiverse, or Children of the Night, this promises to be another excellent piece of MSX entertainment. Looking at the videos, see the links below, it sure does! The game impresses at first sight with its graphics, sound and game play.

Suite Macabre comes as a 2 Mega-bit Megarom cartridge with full color box and manual. It runs on MSX1 compatible computers and uses improved colors on MSX2 and newer machines. Playable with keyboard or joystick, the game can be set to both English or Spanish language.

Suite Macabre costs 45 € excluding shipping expenses. More information about this new gem can be found on the Micromancers web site. To purchase the game, just follow the instructions in the website or, send an e-mail to

game time.

relevant link: MICROMANCERS website
relevant link: Video - What is Suite Macabre?
relevant link: Video - The Entrance
relevant link: Video - The Garden
relevant link: Video - The Train
relevant link: Video - The Cave
relevant link: Video - The Epitome of Evil

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Comments (18)

By Pencioner

Scribe (1506)

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24-12-2020, 19:12

I think this game gonna be a hit Smile

By Pac

Scribe (6758)

Pac's picture

24-12-2020, 19:20


By journey

Hero (555)

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25-12-2020, 12:25

Bought!! Smile

By theNestruo

Champion (360)

theNestruo's picture

25-12-2020, 13:04


By x1pepe

Master (149)

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25-12-2020, 23:55

Bought! Of course...

By knm1983

Hero (566)

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26-12-2020, 19:17

Purchased here too , good game with incredible environment Smile

By gdx

Enlighted (5687)

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27-12-2020, 10:41

Pleasant ambiance and nice graphics.

By Briqunullus

Hero (555)

Briqunullus's picture

27-12-2020, 18:18

I'll buy it if a digital edition comes available.


Resident (55)


28-12-2020, 17:15

Thanks for the comments! We really hope you enjoy the game Smile

Suite Macabre is now temporarily out of stock. It will be available again as of January 15th approximately.

Those of you who are interested in purchasing Suite Macabre, please contact us. Our e-mail is contact at micromancers dot com

By M-A-D-M-A-X

Expert (117)

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28-12-2020, 20:58

It looks good !

Ordered Smile

By Chadwick

Resident (39)

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02-01-2021, 17:17

Briqunullus wrote:

I'll buy it if a digital edition comes available.



Resident (55)


25-01-2021, 19:33

As of today, Suite Macabre is sold out. MICROMANCERS is grateful for the welcome and high interest in Suite Macabre!

By AxelStone

Prophet (3129)

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25-01-2021, 21:56

Hello, is available on digital? Thanks!

By Manuel

Ascended (18939)

Manuel's picture

25-01-2021, 23:34

Damn, missed the game! Totally forgot about it. It looks really cool! Smile

By Manuel

Ascended (18939)

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25-01-2021, 23:35

Does it have a save/continue option?

By dan

Master (235)

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27-01-2021, 18:46

missed it too Question let's hope there will be a new batch. micromancers' games deserve it

By journey

Hero (555)

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28-01-2021, 09:09

Manuel wrote:

Does it have a save/continue option?

From what I have seen so far: Continue YES, SAVE NO...

By hamlet

Scribe (4105)

hamlet's picture

13-02-2021, 21:24