SA-ZI-RI English translation by Django

SA-ZI-RI English translation by Django

by ro on 15-06-2022, 21:30
Topic: Challenges

The French game translator Django released his latest conversion for the MSX2 game Sa-Zi-Ri. The patch will translate all Japanese text to English. Free to download, as always.

With an impressive list of game translations under his belt, monsieur Django is a solid provider of MSX patches for non-English speaking games. From well-known to obscure MSX games, he makes sure anyone can enjoy these retro classics. With Sa-Zi-Ri added to the list, we finally get the opportunity to understand this strange but beautiful game.

Developed by Reno and published by Telenet Japan, this 1998 MSX2 release was for the Japanese market only. No localization was done for the rest of the world. This RPG is also available on NEC PC-88, Sharp X1, and NEC PC-98 systems. The game is known for its colorful graphics, screen 5 scrolling, funky PSG music, the day-and-night system, and its hard level game play.

In-game dialogs have been translated to English from Japanese, finally the game reveals its identity . Merci Beaucoup, Django.

relevant link: Django's cave
relevant link: Video of the translated version
relevant link: John's walkthrough

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By tfh

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15-06-2022, 21:40

Thanks for this new translation, DJANGO!

By Moniz

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16-06-2022, 00:04

From English to Japanese? Interesting Tongue
Great work! Will try it outSmile

By JohnHassink

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16-06-2022, 10:00

I would like to note that my "walkthrough", though it will get you to beat the game, is technically incorrect. The main reason for being so, is that it relies on an in-game cheat (pressing the "?" key to skip a (sub-)stage).

Please refer to the second page of that thread for a more thorough explanation, and how to actually play the game as it was intended to.

By turbor

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16-06-2022, 23:00

Great, I was always wondering what this game was about, now I can play it so that it finally makes sense (or so I hope).
Thanks Django!

By KdL

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17-06-2022, 16:05

I love SA-ZI-RI, thank you very much Django !!! LOL!

By Zandig Slaytanic

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18-06-2022, 15:51

Thank you for your dedication to English translating MSX games. It's always appreciated by me.

By DaikuMaryuGaiking

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19-06-2022, 19:26

Great work!!! THANKS!!! Smile

By Udderdude

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20-06-2022, 17:20

Nice job!