Retrospecs - retro computing camera app for iOS

Retrospecs - retro computing camera app for iOS

by snout on 07-06-2016, 15:44
Topic: Development

On our MSX Twitter account we recently received a notification from HeXoN Pixelstar about an interesting app for iOS of which the first version was released no less than two years ago. Retrospecs by John Parker captures/converts images as if they were created on retro computers. All graphical modes of MSX1 and MSX2 are supported, as well as many other retro platforms.

Although the app usually costs € 1,99 -, from June 10th to June 17th it will be available free of charge. Getting the paid version might inspire the developer to keep working on this app or to reconsider dropping the development of an Android version. Last Sunday John Parker announced he will be deciding about the future of the app later this week. One of the improvements scheduled for a next release is the inclusion of the MSX character set.

Relevant link: Retrospecs website

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