RECOIL 6.0.0 is now available for download, also from the Android and Windows 10 stores.

List of changes:

1) Rendering

  • Pixel Aspect Ratio is now supported for the following platforms: Apple II, Atari 8-bit (PAL/NTSC), Atari Portfolio, C64 (PAL/NTSC) and MSX, in recoil2png, ImageMagick/Paint.NET/XnView plugins, Windows 10 app, RECOILWin (save as PNG, copy to clipboard only)
  • PAL/NTSC can be selected in recoil2png and RECOILWin, affects Pixel Aspect Ratio and Atari 8-bit palette
  • C64 palette can be loaded from a VPL file in recoil2png and RECOILWin

2) New formats

  • Atari 8-bit: ART, MGA, PI8, PI9, PIX, Print Shop (PSF)
  • C64: Image System Hires (ISH)
  • MSX2: Dot Designer's Club (CMP)
  • NEC PC-98: ARTV (ARV), EBD

3) Improved formats

  • Graphics expansions are identified: Amiga DCTV/HAM-E, Atari 8-bit VBXE, MSX V990 VDP, ZX Spectrum ULAplus/Next, ZX Evolution
  • Decoding more Atari ST PaintShop files (PSC)

4) Ports

  • Fixed "No supported files" on Android 11
  • XnView MP plugin released for Ubuntu
  • Unicode filenames in Windows Explorer, RECOILWin, Imagine
  • Multi-file images in Imagine
  • Updated to ImageMagick 7
  • TortoiseSVN/TortoiseGit plugins for comparing images
  • Windows binaries are now signed

Please give some feedback about which of the features in this release are important for you and what would you like to see in future releases.