RECOIL 4.2.0 is out

RECOIL 4.2.0 is out

by sd_snatcher on 20-02-2018, 23:37
Topic: MSX Related

Version 4.2.0 of the RECOIL has just been released.

RECOIL (Retro Computer Image Library) is a viewer of pictures in native formats of vintage computers: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari Portfolio, Atari ST, Atari TT, Atari Falcon, BBC Micro, Commodore 16, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Macintosh 128K, MSX, NEC PC-88, NEC PC-98, Oric, SAM Coupé, Sharp X68000, Timex 2048, TRS-80, TRS-80 Color Computer, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.

It is available on Android, Windows, macOS, Linux and HTML 5 browsers.

New in this version:

1) New formats:
Atari 8-bit: SlideShow for VBXE (DAP), KSS-Paint (KSS), PowerGraphics (PGR), Hard Color Map (HCM)
MSX: GL5+PL5, GL6+PL6, GL7+PL7, GL8, GLA+PLA, GLC, SC3, SC4, SC5+S15, SC6, SC6+S16, SC7+S17, SC8+S18, SCA+S1A, SCC+S1C, SR6, SRI+PL7, PCT, STP, FNT
PC: Image 72 font (FNT)
Timex 2048: hi-res (SCR)
TRS-80: MagicDraw (SHR)
ZX Spectrum: Border Screen (BSC), Border Screen Multicolor 8x4 (BMC4), Speccy eXtended Graphics (SXG), CHR$ (CH$)

2) Improved formats:
Atari STE: NEOchrome Master (NEO)
MSX: implemented sprites (SC2, SC3, SC4, SC5, SC6, SC7, SC8, SCA, SCC), fixed some files (MAG)

3) Ports:
Android: file picker now shows internal storage, SD card and icons
HTML 5: browse multiple images and multi-file images
Windows 10: added: save as PNG, share, copy to clipboard
More detailed platform information: Apple II/IIe/IIGS, MSX/MSX2/MSX2+, non-standard display adapters (VBXE, ULAplus, Evolution)

Relevant download link: RECOIL on Sourceforge

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By meits

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22-02-2018, 11:55

Always good to see Graph Saurus support. Even the GLx files. Very nice.

By sd_snatcher

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22-02-2018, 14:43

Ops! It seems I forgot to include the link in the news submission. Sorry!

The RECOIL original website is at this link.

By FiXato

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22-02-2018, 14:54

sd_snatcher wrote:

Ops! It seems I forgot to include the link in the news submission. Sorry!

The RECOIL original website is at this link.

Thanks, updated the newspost with the SourceForge link.
Shame they're still using SF instead of something like Github or Bitbucket. No longer trust SF after their project hijacking and malware bundling practises

By FiXato

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22-02-2018, 14:56

Would love to see a project that combines this with xmplay/modplug's support for audio files. A single media player/viewer for any kind of MSX media would be awesome.

By sd_snatcher

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22-02-2018, 18:43

I would like to express here a huge thank you for Piotr (the main RECOIL programmer) for his impressive dedication to implement the MSX file formats support in all its details. The Screen-2 name table is supported, and now sprites mode-1, mode-2 and even mode-2OR have been implemented. Even the special Y coordinates too.

The Maki-chan loader now detect the type of the machine (PC-98, PC-88, X68000, MSX, Mac etc), have full YJK support (both screen-10 and screen-12), with even the most obscure features, like interlace, larger-than-screen images, horizontal widths that aren't a multiple of 4, the two formats to store screen-12 images and so on.

By Manuel

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22-02-2018, 20:58

Is that MAG (Maki-chan?) format the one that has this strange build-up during loading? Looks like some special way of compression. Is there something known about it?

By sd_snatcher

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22-02-2018, 23:03

Yes. MAG (or MAX) = Maki-chan v2. There's also the MKI, that's Maki-chan v1.

Originally, all documentation was in Japanese, and available here. Please note that there are two erratas. I also have the original MKIBIBLE.LZH, but this file can't be found online anymore.

I helped Kirinn with the documentation and some additional details, and he produced a nice English documentation about the Makichan format in its two versions. The only info missing here is how to load the 2nd format of YJK images. But there's no secret: while the 1st format is stored as a 16 color image, the 2nd format is similarly stored as a 256 color image.

By ro

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24-02-2018, 15:43

This tool is what I've been looking for for too dang long. Why didn't I know about this gem? nice!

By Victor Setúbal

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26-02-2018, 08:19

Only today I had time to check this. Thanks very much, it's an excellent program! Wink

By nataliapc

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15-03-2018, 01:29

Great tool!

Just for Linux users there is a simple script to view MSX images using Recoil:

recoil2png -o /dev/stdout $1 | convert -scale 800 /dev/stdin /dev/stdout | display

recoil2png & ImageMagick needed