Pre-order of Multiverse (Second batch)

Pre-order of Multiverse (Second batch)

by MICROMANCERS on 24-01-2019, 17:46
Topic: Software

The recently published MSX game Multiverse has been a great success, the first batch is completely sold out. Since MICROMANCERS is still receiving mails of MSX fans who want to purchase Multiverse, they are planning a second batch. That second batch could be ready by the end June, if not before.

In order to keep the same quality and price of the first batch, a minimum number of Multiverses has to be manufactured. So, MICROMANCERS has opened a pre-order period that will end by February 28th. If you are interested in pre-ordering Multiverse, then write an e-mail to stating your full name and how many Multiverses you would like.

If there is a sufficient number of pre-orders, MICROMANCERS will contact, from March 1st onward, all the users who made the pre-orders providing more information about the second batch and asking for confirmation.

People who already sent MICROMANCERS an e-mail to pre-order Multiverse don't have to send them another mail. They are already in the waiting list. Of course, if MICROMANCERS has confirmed your copy from the first batch you can just sit and relax, since Monty and Nicemoon will soon be ready to go to your home :P

Additional information about the game, including pictures and videos as well as packaging and pricing information, is available at

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  • Pre-order of Multiverse (Second batch)
  • Pre-order of Multiverse (Second batch)
  • Pre-order of Multiverse (Second batch)
  • Pre-order of Multiverse (Second batch)

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Resident (55)


25-01-2019, 17:47

We forgot to include some images and videos in the news post. Here are some pictures:

And some videos on YouTube:

Of course, feel free to visit for more information, videos and pictures.

By wyrdwad

Paladin (934)

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25-01-2019, 18:28

Do it, people! This game is awesome. Wink


By Ferran

Supporter (10)

Ferran's picture

25-01-2019, 21:46

I love the trailer's music but, let's be honest, the smart thing is NOT letting someone else try first

Take care

By Lazzeri

Champion (280)

Lazzeri's picture

26-01-2019, 10:54

Mail sent!


Resident (55)


28-01-2019, 16:51

Some users asked us about the differences of Multiverse when played on MSX and MSX2/MSX2+/MSX Turbo-R.

Since a picture is worth more than a thousand words, and a video has lots of pictures, we prepared a video valued more than three and a half milion words. Here it is:

The game automatically detects MSX2 and further generations to use improved graphics, but it allows you to manually switch between graphic configurations within the title screen. There is a third graphic configuration not shown in the video. Do you want to see it? Just visit and place your pre-order :-)


Resident (55)


05-02-2019, 19:04

Please take into account that, if there are enough MSX users interested in the new batch, we will manufacture only the preordered cartridges.

So, if somebody is interested in purchasing Multiverse, it is advisable to preorder it before February 28th.

Preorders can be placed by sending an e-mail to contact at micromancers dot com

More information about the game, as well as screenshots and videos can be found at:

By Gabbiani

Supporter (13)

Gabbiani's picture

05-02-2019, 19:32

Has somebody played this game? Is it worth buying it?

By MsxKun

Paragon (1123)

MsxKun's picture

05-02-2019, 22:23

Gabbiani wrote:

Has somebody played this game? Is it worth buying it?

Yes. Yes.


Resident (55)


27-02-2019, 08:44

Just a friendly reminder: tomorrow, February 28th, is the last day to preorder Multiverse for MSX. Since only the preordered cartridges will be built, this is probably your last chance to have the game ;-)

To preorder the game, just visit and send us an e-mail (the mail address is in the webpage)

By hamlet

Scribe (4106)

hamlet's picture

03-04-2019, 18:44

My copy reached me yesterday.
I only did my work on the side today, the lack of sleep hit me in the early afternoon hours. Only the view to be able to continue playing at home let me hold on. I only know my family as voices behind the monitor, my dog would like to go out again. But the play holds me in its spell.
I feel like a teenager again.
Thank you MICROMANCERs for that!

By Pencioner

Scribe (1562)

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08-04-2019, 17:29

The game is indeed of superior quality and fun Big smile


Resident (55)


01-02-2020, 19:22

The second batch is now finished. We have sent an e-mail to all the users who reserved Multiverse. So, everybody who made a reservation... please, check your inbox.

Of course, if you made a reservation and you have not received an e-mail from MICROMANCERS, please let us know.

By dan

Master (243)

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04-02-2020, 12:05

My copy arrived yesterday. Thanks! Someone told me it was the best game of 2019. Now I understand why he said this. Enhorabona!

By FiXato

Scribe (1742)

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04-02-2020, 16:06


We forgot to include some images and videos in the news post. Here are some pictures:

I've added them to the news post, and fixed the relevant link (http:// protocol was missing from the URL). :)


Resident (55)


06-02-2020, 14:07

Thank you very much @dan. We really appreciate your comment. Moltes gràcies! Smile
And many thanks, @FiXato for improving the newspost Smile

At this point, we have contacted all the MSX users who pre-ordered the game, but a few of them are not responding. That is probably due to secondary e-mail accounts that are not checked very often. So: if somebody reading this message made a pre-order but has not been contacted by MICROMANCERS, please let us know here or by e-mail (contact information is available at

By Manuel

Ascended (19461)

Manuel's picture

07-02-2020, 23:19

Received mine! Thanks MICROMANCERS!


Resident (55)


09-02-2020, 11:44

Thanks, @Manuel! I hope you enjoy Multiverse Smile

By Gloriou

Master (204)

Gloriou's picture

12-02-2020, 06:14

Thank you Micromancers,
What a great game! I showed the game in my Instagram, and today hopefully I will tweet about it, you people deserve all the best. Smile

By hamlet

Scribe (4106)

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24-01-2022, 11:09

Too bad they left the stage so soon.

By Briqunullus

Hero (665)

Briqunullus's picture

24-01-2022, 10:50

Too bad the digital version isn't available. Luckily the Colecovision version can be downloaded and played on openMSX.