Pengo vs Pengo

by MsxKun on 01-09-2012, 12:55
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Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pengo, Paxanga soft released a free Pengo flavored 2-player game coded in HTML5. Like many retro (flavored) games, the concept of the game is simple yet addictive and practically begs for an MSX port is already available in an MSX version which can be found on the cartridge version of Pengo.

Two months ago, a free version of the MSX version of Pengo was released. Collectors need not worry, though, as the game is also still available on cartridge in the MSX Cartridge Shop.

Relevant link: Pengo vs Pengo

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By MsxKun

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01-09-2012, 14:27

The MSX version is already on the Pengo cartridge (remember, Pengo, not Pango... Big smile )

By snout

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01-09-2012, 15:01

I stand corrected! ^_^

By MsxKun

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01-09-2012, 17:44