openMSX Launcher v1.2

openMSX Launcher v1.2

by oelsha on 14-05-2014, 21:26
Topic: Emulation

A new version of openMSX Launcher has been released with some interesting new features. Without further ado, here's what's new.

  • Added ability to filter databases by company, year, country, medium, size, MSX generation, sound chip and genre
  • Added game properties in the right-click context menu
  • Added ability to update game extra data in all databases. Useful when there's a new version of the accompanying extra-data.dat file and screenshots
  • Added slight display improvements to the Mac version
  • Added ability to select a game in the list by typing the first few letters of its name

There's also a new version of extra-data.dat and screenshots, used by both blueMSX Launcher and openMSX Launcher.

Relevant link: openMSX Launcher website