OpenMSX v0.13.0 for Raspberry Pi

OpenMSX v0.13.0 for Raspberry Pi

by Vampier on 03-10-2016, 20:18
Topic: Emulation

José Cerrejón (Ulysess) has created an easy to install package for the Raspberry Pi. This package will update your openMSX version to 0.13.0. Head on over to his website to download the latest version.

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By giangiacomo.zaffini

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11-10-2016, 15:33

Yes! So good.
I just planned to use my Raspberry Pi B as major MSX development environment of choice; I've been told that SDCC tool suite can be compiled on RPI w/Raspbian and openMSX is the right simulator.
Unfortunately I'm not a professionist like some power user here can be found. Sad

By Manuel

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11-10-2016, 20:55

If you have any questions or need help, just let us know in the openMSX forum.

By Sebbeug

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13-10-2016, 10:04

I will use openMSX on a raspberryPi when it will be add to Libretro/retroarch Cool

By Vampier

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14-10-2016, 06:20

Liberto/retroarch will cripple MSX emulation. Example: your keyboard will be disabled and you function keys won't work.... only a joystick will work (or cursor keys...) you can't even use the 2nd firebutton on the keyboard (the 'm' key in Konami's for example)

1) playing maze of galious has become impossible on liberto/retroarch
2) playing metal gear the same results... f2/f3 and f4 won't work... there is no way to end the game without these keys.
3) forget SD snatcher

or even getting the good ending @ penguin adventure.