Oktoberfest MSX Hardware Meeting Argentina

by snout on 28-09-2012, 23:50
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While most of us will probably associate Oktoberfest with the German festival of beer and big breasted women that is currently taking place in Munich, Bavaria, this post is actually about an MSX event that is taking place in October. On October 27th, Argentinan MSX group RetroMSX are to host an MSX Hardware Meeting called "Oktoberfest" in Buenos Aires. The event will be held in LU3DY - Radio Club Almirante Guillermo Brown, Morales 1020, Burzaco.

During the event a prototype of a new MSX IDE interface called SANRAIS will be on display, as well as an OPL sound card by Ciro. If you like, you can join a raffle (lottery) and you just might win an MSX computer or game. Other than that, there will be plenty of MSX computers and users to ensure you'll have a great time. The event starts at 9:00 and ends at 19:00, for more information please check the link: Oktoberfest announcement.

Relevant link: Oktoberfest MSX Hardware Meeting Argentina

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By Jorito

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29-09-2012, 17:03

Hmm... MSXing or drinking beer on an oktober fest. Though choice. Why not combine both? Smile

Nice to see MSX activity in Argentina tho!

By Capitan_Goto

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01-10-2012, 11:10

Mmm...new OPL Sound cardtridge...sounds very interesting to me!. I would like to see [ and even better listen ] that new hardware from Caro´s....

Saludos desde España a todos los MSX´eros Argentinos!

By nanochess

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01-10-2012, 16:17

Maybe a friendly wink to Sunrise? As Sunrise in Spanish is pronounced exactly SANRAIS Smile