Nemesis 3 - Strafefox review

Nemesis 3 - Strafefox review

by meits on 17-12-2012, 17:04
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The unstoppable train of game reviews has delivered yet another MSX game review again. Strafefox dove deeper into Konami's Nemesis III. A game which had a lot of mystery about its title in the past. In Europe we know it as Nemesis III - The Eve of Destruction and in Japan it's called Gofer's Ambition Episode II. So indeed it was no Gradius III and not a direct sequel to Nemesis II but to Salamander.
Strafefox explains most of the above in his review

Relevant link: Nemesis III - The Eve of Destruction - Strafefox review

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By Sandor

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18-12-2012, 20:37

I always wondered why this game had no secret levels.