In 2008, several free Colecovision/SEGA SG-1000 conversions were released by muffie. Thanks to the efforts of French MSX user Eric Boez (ericb59) these games are now available on a single, limited edition ROM cartridge. The package contains the following:

  • 2MBit Megarom Multicart with all 6 Conversions (Tutankham, Jungle Hunt, Mikie, The 3 dragon Story,
    Montezuma's Revenge and Pepper II)
  • Chrome Cartridge Case
  • Limited (NUMBERED) edition with Plastic Case, & Cover
  • ROM selection menu made by a well known, MSXDEV winner, developer
  • Reduced price (Muffie gave away any money related to his work, in order to reduce final sale price even more)
  • Flashable Cartridge (If, for some reason, someone finds an incompatible machine and/or some defect on a conversion, it will be easier to fix it without shipping the cartridge back)

In a few days, Eric will launch a website where you can place your orders. The number of pre-orders noted thanks to this forum topic are already way above the initial expectation.

Relevant link: Muffie's Tutankham & conversions - announcement/forumtopic

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  • Muffie's conversions from Coleco and SG-1000 released in cartridge
  • Muffie's conversions from Coleco and SG-1000 released in cartridge

Comments (5)

By Bothman

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26-03-2014, 14:02

Good stuff!


Enlighted (6933)

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27-03-2014, 07:46

there will be more in that chatridge, I guess

By hbarcellos

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27-03-2014, 13:08

You would need to be a time traveler to know...

By hbarcellos

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02-04-2014, 15:54

I think Eric should mention some other nice "touches" he's adding to the cart, or, not. not sure!

By fausto.mollichella

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11-05-2014, 22:01

How I can buy one or more ?