MSXdev'15 is running!

MSXdev'15 is running!

by Konamito on 29-09-2015, 18:59
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Although there is a delay on the release date, here is a new edition of MSXdev, the most important MSX1 development contest in recent years. This edition follows the previous line as the rules and operation of the contest will remain virtually intact.

As was the case with previous editions, the official language of communication is English for both the blog entries directly related to MSXdev and their comments. In this way we ensure that news and developments have a greater impact on the international MSX community. You can however, publish your comment in another language and then translate it into English, but do not forget that it is mandatory that your comment is written in English. If this obligation is not met, the comment will be deleted.

As games are announced, their entries will be created in MSXBlog where you will find all available information as their authors add comments and notes. Also, of course, as they become available for download, you can comment as well.
Each participant is responsible for keeping alive the line of communication with the MSX community providing information and obtaining feedback as it was being done in Karoshi MSX Community.
As for the prize of the contest, it will be the sum of all donations received through Paypal. Also, as a novelty, everyone who wants to can sponsor a particular result, category or feature of the contest (best graphics, best sound, most original game, etcetera).

Everything is explained in the rules, however, you can raise any doubt, question, opinion or suggestion.

Relevant link: MSXdev'15

Comments (7)

By Grauw

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29-09-2015, 20:51

It begins!

By ren

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29-09-2015, 22:29

Cool! Cool
Though I do like following a calendar year (with end date 31 December) better (as it used to be) Smile
(If I recall correctly, this was changed so devs don't have to finish their productions in the hectic December month or not?)

By Imanok

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30-09-2015, 09:51

Go MSXDev! Go! Smile

By fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

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30-09-2015, 13:34

Good luck to all contestants !!!

By Metalion

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05-10-2015, 11:29

Shouldn't it be MSXdev '16 ??
The last edition, MSXdev '14 was 2 years ago.

By mtini

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29-05-2016, 20:10

Where´s the link to download Wing Warriors ?

By mars2000you

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29-05-2016, 20:29

Try the new site :