MSXdev’17 #10: Sweet Punch

MSXdev’17 #10: Sweet Punch

by MSXdev Team on 01-10-2017, 18:41
Topic: Challenges

From South Korea comes this little action game where our female hero, Cecilia, is on an important mission: to defend her village from the bandits and eventually reach their lair. Just push the action button to unleash a powerful punch strike and kill all your enemies while you reach the goal, but take care to not let those guys reach the town, because if some of them escape, you will not have a place for a peaceful rest.

Are you working on an MSX game, or even have one finished? Please consider to submit your work as an entry for this legendary MSX contest, and have the guarantee of a wide audience as possible, gain the attention of potential cartridge producers and even contend to win some prizes!

Relevant link: MSXdev -Sweet Punch

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  • MSXdev’17 #10: Sweet Punch
  • MSXdev’17 #10: Sweet Punch
  • MSXdev’17 #10: Sweet Punch
  • MSXdev’17 #10: Sweet Punch

Comments (10)

By tfh

Prophet (3346)

tfh's picture

01-10-2017, 19:07

LOL... It feels a bit like a fight version of athletic land.
I like the graphic style, but the game is a bit on the short side...

By Vampier

Prophet (2412)

Vampier's picture

01-10-2017, 19:42

too bad it's not in ROM format Tongue

By Grauw

Ascended (10767)

Grauw's picture

01-10-2017, 20:23

Nice little game! I like the graphics quite a bit, and also the smooth scrolling. I had to retry quite a couple of times, but I made it and saved the town in the end! Smile It’s a bite-sized game, but I had fun while it lasted!

Keeping the scope small so you actually complete it is I think one of the harder parts of developing MSX2 game, it’s always tempting to go big, so that’s well done here. Though perhaps a bit too small, maybe add a score for replay value?

p.s. I think this is the first entry in the freestyle category? Big smile

By MSXdev Team

Champion (315)

MSXdev Team's picture

01-10-2017, 20:59

@ Vampier: You are correct and we are working to provide it in ROM format as well, but it was submitted in this form and we didn't want to hold back on this new entry for too long.

@ Grauw: It is the second entry in that category. ΧΙ∧∃Χ (Zevimodoki) was the first one.

By riquet

Master (200)

riquet's picture

01-10-2017, 21:39

Tested quickly, finished quickly... fun but no more, sorry.
Perhaps the beginning of a great game, thanks for sharing your work Wink

By sd_snatcher

Prophet (3659)

sd_snatcher's picture

01-10-2017, 22:12

The game minimum requirement seems to be an MSX2+. It doesn't scroll at all on an MSX2.

Anyway, it's nice to finally have an MSXdev game for the newer MSX generations. Smile

By Vampier

Prophet (2412)

Vampier's picture

02-10-2017, 04:03

I had fun playing it Smile the chick has one very powerful punch! ^_^

In the next release please show the 'health' of the town you're protecting and the distance you have to travel or have traveled. I will add to the experience.

I really want to make "PWND3- How about recycling" Tongue

By Pippo

Hero (521)

Pippo's picture

02-10-2017, 11:39

Nice little game. Smile
Your interest is really very appreciated, Mr. Ghost. Smile

By msx3plus

Supporter (6)

msx3plus's picture

13-10-2017, 11:16

@ sd_snatcher : Yes, you're right, I had to modify the requirement MSX2+.
It was a mistake that I did not test on MSX2.
Thank you for your accurate feedback. Smile

By msx3plus

Supporter (6)

msx3plus's picture

13-10-2017, 11:36

Thank you for all for Sweet Punch game.
I uploaded the game video on YouTube.

Thank you.