MSX2+ 25th Anniversary Party

MSX2+ 25th Anniversary Party

by syn on 18-08-2013, 16:52
Topic: Events

What: MSX2+ 25th Anniversary Party
Date: 19 October 2013
Time: 16:00 ~ late
Location: Cafe Batavia 1920, located opposite of the bus area of Amsterdam Central Station.

#msxdev & TNI join forces to continue the organisation of MSX events. After the MSX 25th Anniversary Event (June 2008), and the #msxdev MSX 30th Anniversary Meetup (June 2013), the next edition in this series of events is the MSX2+ 25th Anniversary Party.

The party starts at 16:00 and activities will be planned throughout the rest of the day and night. Of course there will be time for dinner, for which the cafe offers good and cheap food. An up-to-date time schedule is available on the website.

The organisation is looking for people that are interested in doing a demonstration, holding a presentation, hosting an event, or using one of the two big flatscreens (as background or in combination with an event), so please let the organisation know to reserve a spot in the schedule. The website has some activity suggestions.

There is also room for people and MSX groups to bring their own hardware. Space is limited so be sure to reserve a table if you want one.

Any questions, reservations, remarks, suggestions, or offers for help or hardware can be directed at the organisation by emailing or by visiting the #msxdev chatroom.

Relevant link: MSX2+ 25th Anniversary Party

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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19-08-2013, 03:05

I'm hoping this will be at least half as good as the MSX 25th Anniversary Event Smile

As people might remember, TNI organised the MSX Fair Bussum for 10 years. It would be great if this leads to something like that returning!

By syn

Prophet (2134)

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10-09-2013, 01:26

Maybe it's good to let you all know this is (obviously) not strictly an MSX2+ party. We picked the 2+ theme as the idea was to have a meeting somewhere around that period, so we figured we may as well take some time to celebrate its anniversary while we are at it.

But ofcourse, just like any recent MSX fair or event, anything MSX is welcome! So come and show us your new fantastic MSX1 multilayer-textscroller demo, entertain us with your MSX2 games quiz, tell us why you kiss your Turbo-R every night before going to bed! Big smile Or surprise us with some fun, original MSX2+ related mini-event!