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One of the most time consuming things of the MSX is to load the images of .ROM cartridges. Many times they are created with different mappers, and certain chargers manage to load them.. and sometimes not. And there is no universal charger that loads them all. That is, untill MSX1PACK came along.

Once installed you will have an interesting pack of games ready to run and be launched from a front-end written in MSX-BASIC. Same as previous versions, the application is designed to be used with the last core MSX1FPGA of Fabio Belavenuto (currently version 1.3), but can also be used with real MSX with a mass storage system as Carnivore 2 or MegaFlashROM SCC+SD. It has support from Nextor DOS and Nestor BASIC.

The core 1.3 of the ZX-Uno has problems with composite video output, so if you do not have RGB or VGA output, it is preferable that you use version 1.2, which is free of this problem. It can also be used with MSX2+ cores from other FPGAs, such as the ZX-Dos, UnAmiga, MiST or MiSTer.

In addition, the application is optimized for cores based on OCM (One Chip MSX) that incorporate the improvements of KdL, entering in turbo mode while in the menus navigation, and deactivating it just before launching the game, same as it is done in the ZX-One.

Features of version 3.0 :

  • It contains 8 compilations of games: Top 100 of the games of MSX1 that came out in the voting carried out in , the games of MSX1 appeared in the books Encyclopedia Homebrew vol. 1 and Encyclopedia Homebrew vol. 2, the games that came as a gift in the Philips MSX (Turbo Pack A, B and C, being the latest a mix of games from the first 2), the famous MSXMANIA collection with more than 1,000 games, and three new compilations added in this version:
  • You can use the keyboard or joystick to navigate through the lists and to launch the games. Now you can also move forward and backward from 5 to 5 screens, and also move from one screen to another by scrolling from the first or last game of the previous one.
  • There are three ordinations in the compilations: by ranking (from best to worst)/sequential, alphabetical and by gender . It can be easily changed from one to another by pressing the R, A, and G keys. In the MSXMANIA collection , which has had to be divided into 3 groups by its large length, you can move from one group to another with the 1 keys, 2 and 3
  • For each sort of each collection you can mark a game (S key) and then load it quickly (L key).
  • The names of the games can be seen complete thanks to the fact that they move when positioned above them and wait a couple of seconds.
  • It uses different chargers to work with .ROM, .DSK and .CAS files, and also NESTOR-BASIC and NEXTOR-DOS instructions to load files from within .DSK files or directly from the SD.
  • Upon entering the application, in the MSX1FPGA and OCM cores it activates the turbo mode of the CPU and deactivates it just before launching the game. On the other hand, Kun Basic blocks have been used in its turbo programming, thus increasing the speed of response of the program.

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