MSX-Touchpad protocol reverse engineered

MSX-Touchpad protocol reverse engineered

by sd_snatcher on 23-08-2013, 13:39
Topic: Hardware

The MSX-Touchpad (aka Graphic Tablet) protocol was finally reverse engineered, and the information about it published on the MSX wiki article. Now it can be emulated, or even newer devices can be built based on the standard.

Relevant link: MSX-Touchpad article on the MSX Wiki

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By Sander

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23-08-2013, 21:17

Thank you for your work and for sharing the results with the rest of us!

By sd_snatcher

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24-08-2013, 00:03

We need to thank Manuel too. Without his NMS-1150 donation the reverse engineering would have never been possible. :)

By ray2day

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25-08-2013, 22:57