MSX forum: well over 250.000 posts!

MSX forum: well over 250.000 posts!

by snout on 22-05-2016, 22:57
Topic: MRC
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It's been a while since be reported about an MRC milestone, even though we passed quite a big one recently: Our MSX forum now contains more than 250.000 posts. Much more, in fact, as we've already reached 253.294 posts in 19.434 topics - averaging more than 50 posts per day for more than 13 years already, not including the many comments to our more than 6.800 MSX news posts.

With 381 pages and counting, the most active forum topic is without a doubt the one on the SymbOS MSX multitasking OS that has reached amazing heights since it's first post a little more than 10 years ago. But also more recent topic, such as flyguille's development thread in which he kept us informed on the development of Super Castle and his generic devkit for platform games is currently 75 pages long.

Humbling numbers, really... three cheers to anyone who ever posted in our forum. Next stop: 300,000!

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23-05-2016, 09:51

How many per year? How is the trend?

By snout

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23-05-2016, 10:23

Well, it's been quite a while since we celebrated a milestone & I'm not in the mood to run queries/analytics, so I'll stick to the data gathered from news posts. It seems we averaged 19.000 posts per year since 2003. In 2004-2005 we were a bit more active (topping 26.000), in the beginning and in 2007-2008 we had a low at ~16.000. The past years that has been increasing again to an average of 20.000.

By TheKid

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24-05-2016, 08:04

Congrats and everyone who contributes Smile I think it's quite nice we all keep MSX alive and still have so much to say about our beloved computer system. For me it has become second nature to start the day with looking at this site and I think I'm not the only one Smile Thumbs up and let go for the 300.000!

By djh1697

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24-05-2016, 21:13

Nice! Wonder how long for the next 250,000?

By hbarcellos

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02-06-2016, 12:57

Well, maybe if they stop removing posts out of nowhere, we could easily boost that number.
My 'Hackathon' post for instance. I'm still waiting for a reasonable explanation.

By syn

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22-05-2017, 00:22

So... how many posts are we at now? Big smile

By wolf_

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22-05-2017, 06:51

Go to the forum and scroll down! Wink

By syn

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22-05-2017, 11:14

lol 13 years on mrc, never noticed that Wink

By Louthrax

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22-05-2017, 15:12

So that's around 20.000 posts since 22/05/2016, staying in the site average over the past years.

By Hydragon

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25-05-2017, 19:37

syn wrote:

lol 13 years on mrc, never noticed that Wink

14 years 48 weeks.. damn almost 15 years.

By valkyre

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22-05-2020, 07:58

Anyone know what the number is now?

By hamlet

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22-05-2020, 08:19

wolf_ wrote:

Go to the forum and scroll down! Wink

By FiXato

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22-05-2020, 15:00


There are currently 331.147 posts in 25.393 topics

By Latok

msx guru (3828)

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22-05-2020, 16:12

Amazing there is so much to say about our humble MSX Smile