MSX 30th anniversary T-shirts

MSX 30th anniversary T-shirts

by Jorito on 24-02-2013, 14:16
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This year marks the 30th anniversary of our beloved MSX computer system. To celebrate this event, Konamito created some special T-shirts. In a limited edition, the T-shirts are available on Spanish and English. The price is € 12,- and the shirt can be bought at the 2013 Retromadrid event. If you're not able to come to Retromadrid, you can also have them shipped to you for a small postage fee.

To reserve your T-shirt, you can order one through the order form on Konamito's website. Reservations for this special price close on February 28th, after that date the price will be € 14,- + shipping.

Relevant link: MSX 30th anniversary t-shirts order form

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By SkyeWelse

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03-03-2013, 05:30

I think it's a nice design and I really like the blue hippo character carrying the ROM cart. : ) I don't know who that character is though, could anyone explain who that is if you don't mind?

While trying to prepare for an MSX exhibit here in the United States in April, I've been thinking of designing my own MSX 30th Anniversary T-Shirt and tonight I finished a first design:

Mock-up of what it would look like on a T-Shirt