MRC Download Charts - January 2013

MRC Download Charts - January 2013

by snout on 01-02-2013, 10:53
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It's the first of February - and time to have a look at the most popular files in our MSX Downloads corner in the past month. Things were a bit slow on the MSX downloads side, with the excitement of the Tenliner Challenge behind us. Some entries are still to be found in the Top 10, but when you see 'let's click on the first download in the list' 666 The Haunted House in our charts you know it has been somewhat of a slow month.

The same can not be said about the MSX Related downloads, where the recently added songs from RobertVroemisse and The Mystery Studios dominate the charts. One interesting thing stands out: the Deep Dungeon Adventure + source code was leeched no less than 111 times. Does this mean we have a lot of aspiring MSX game developers among us? Either way, the complete charts:

MSX downloads top 10 - January 2013

  1. The Goonies 'r' Good Enough (35 downloads)
  2. Bubble Dream (33 downloads)
  3. Bombjack (24 downloads)
  4. ROMLOAD (24 downloads)
  5. Moonblaster 1.4 (24 downloads)
  6. 666 The Haunted House (21 downloads)
  7. Christmas Intro MSX 2012 (20 downloads)
  8. Pleasure Hearts (19 downloads)
  9. SymbOS MSX 2.0 (19 downloads)
  10. Shuriken (19 downloads)

MSX related downloads top 10 - January 2013

  1. 10. Ice age squirrel (188 downloads)
  2. Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake - Theme of Solid Snake (RobertVroemisse) (136 downloads)
  3. Parodius - Ending Theme (Bart Roijmans) (123 downloads)
  4. Deep Dungeon Adventure + source code (111 downloads)
  5. Firebird (Hinotori) - Fate of the Hero (The Mystery Studios) (99 downloads)
  6. The Tower of Cabin (RobertVroemisse) (95 downloads)
  7. SD Snatcher - The peaceful Avenue (The Mystery Studios) (85 downloads)
  8. XAK - The Art of Visual Stage - The Field of visual Grass (The Mystery Studios) (79 downloads)
  9. Snatcher - Twilight of Neo Kobe City (The Mystery Studios) (75 downloads)
  10. Firehawk - Introdemo (The Mystery Studios) (73 downloads)

There are currently over 1.200 freeware MSX downloads available in our MSX downloads corner. If you know of some freely distributable MSX software, graphics, music or related content (mp3) please upload it right here and perhaps next month your suggestions will grace the top of the download charts!

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By ro

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03-02-2013, 10:17

yeah, what's up with "666 The Haunted House", is it the string "666" that attracts peeps on the net? I just cannot believe the game itself is a popular MSX tittle. It's been topping the charts for too long ...

There's indeed not much MSX downloads in the January chart. hmm, new years resolution "I will not download MSX software" ?? Smile