Metal Gear - Outer Heaven by O-S-S-A-N

Metal Gear - Outer Heaven by O-S-S-A-N

by Meits on 22-04-2013, 19:57
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Tags: Metal Gear

On Soundcloud we found a remix of Konami's Metal Gear. Whether it's an (ex) MSX freak or a Metal Gear collector is not important. O-S-S-A-N knows how to use his equipment to pleasure us with no less than seven and a half minutes with a very fresh sounding remix which includes most of the original Metal Gear soundtrack.

Relevant link: Outer Heaven by O-S-S-A-N

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By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1762)

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22-04-2013, 23:01

The idea of doing the entire soundtrack in a single song is nice, but it's a pity they used the same tempo throughout the entire track, some songs could definately use some more speed.

By Meits

Scribe (5735)

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23-04-2013, 07:17

I don't agree... Some melodies are fit for other tempos than initially composed on... The fun of it is that you don't recognize the music instantly, but have to listen a bit first...

I like this tune a lot... Smile

By snout

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23-04-2013, 16:02

I also like this different approach a lot. Well done!

By wolf_

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23-04-2013, 20:07

Those four Psycho World covers I did are also slower then the original. Why? Back then, and it was really like 2002 or something, I recorded the originals 'what you hear' from (I think) NLMSX. And back then, the system couldn't really cope with it so I got slower versions. I didn't bother to check the speeds with the original versions and went ahead.

Them being slower doesn't bother me at least, so yea: some tunes can have a slightly different tempo. If you execute the whole thing well, then it'll be easier for people to accept it.

By evulopah

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26-04-2013, 22:52

Yes, very nice cover! Indeed, as Snout said, a totally different approach! Nice instruments!