Mecha-9 released

Mecha-9 released

by nanochess on 12-01-2016, 15:41
Topic: Software

Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, known for having developed 3 games for our beloved MSX: Zombie Near, Princess Quest and Mecha-8, is back with Mecha-9 (メカ九 for our Japanese users) in a 128K cartridge.

The storyline goes as follows: while Tricia Thunder fought her way aboard Mecha-8, now it's time for Ryan Rock to help using the powerful Mecha-9 through 6 levels, fighting the most vicious bosses ever. The Mecha-9 is equipped with the strange Time Slip, a powerful weapon that slows down time.

The game includes two endings and comes in three languages: English, Spanish and Japanese (courtesy of B. Shigeru). It uses an improved palette if MSX2 is detected and enhanced music if an FM-PAC cartridge or internal MSX-Music is available.

The author presented the game at the December 2015 at the 48th MSX Users' Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. The physical edition is manufactured by

Video of the game:

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  • Mecha-9 released
  • Mecha-9 released
  • Mecha-9 released

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By valkyre

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12-01-2016, 17:04

Fantastic game in all aspects.

By Lord_Zett

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12-01-2016, 19:15


By syn

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12-01-2016, 23:23

that cover art is amazing

By Sandy Brand

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13-01-2016, 21:43


By Maggoo

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17-01-2016, 15:48

This looks brilliant!

By [D-Tail]

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22-01-2016, 23:19

Make sure to visit Nijmegen tomorrow, Bitwise will bring this new game and its fantastic artwork to the public! Smile

By bigjaac

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23-01-2016, 14:38