Konamiman's MSX Software Repository published

Konamiman's MSX Software Repository published

by konamiman on 21-11-2014, 13:38
Topic: Development
Tags: Konamiman

Konamiman has opened a new place in Internet that aims to make all MSX users happy, and especially those loving to code or to simply read source code. In addition to the well known Konamiman's MSX page, now there's the Konamiman's MSX Sofware Repository as well. This is a Mercurial repository containing the source code for all the MSX software that Konamiman has developed over the years. You can clone the repository in your computer or just browse its contents through the web interface provided by BitBucket, the respository host.

The repository is work in progress and for now it contains the sources for NestorBASIC (which weren't previously published anywhere) and a bunch of miscellaneous small and big source code files (including NestorMan, NestorPreTer and NestorAcentos, also previously unpublished). It will grow over time with more sources, note however that the source code for Nextor will not be published until it's certain that Konamiman has permission to do so (any clue on who to ask for it will be welcome!)

So whether you are a MSX developer willing to get some useful code snippets for your own software productions, or just curious about how the Nestorware man does things, go ahead and take a look, it's totally worth it!

Relevant link: Konamiman's MSX Sofware Repository

Comments (7)

By pitpan

Prophet (3153)

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21-11-2014, 19:43

I was finally able to see ESQUIVATOR!

By Grauw

Ascended (10634)

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21-11-2014, 19:52

Very nice! Appreciate it. I added a link to it on the MAP :).

By KdL

Paragon (1447)

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21-11-2014, 22:01

I'm a big fan of your "operas". Big smile Thanks for this!

By Manuel

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21-11-2014, 22:07

Yes, very nice! I've always been a big fan of your coding gems Smile

By Imanok

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21-11-2014, 23:20

Konamiman forever! Wink

By Prodatron

Paragon (1824)

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22-11-2014, 14:49

That's cool! I always liked your well-structured and good-commented source codes!

By karloch

Prophet (2158)

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24-11-2014, 23:11