Knightmare on the Banjo

Knightmare on the Banjo

by ro on 06-07-2017, 14:05
Topic: Music

There's this guy, named Ollie, who's sweet for the Banjo. And what a pleasure for us he's also sweet for MSX. The Banjo guy has some nifty MSX related ditties on his YouTube channel for you lot to enjoy.

Ollie the banjo guy, also the man behind MSX Mansion, knows how to rock the country strings. On his YouTube channel Banjo Guy you can enjoy the experience of MSX covers done on this particular instrument. Not like a Popsicle, with a stick in the middle, but serious like the next person, there's sweet pleasure to be found in his cave. As not only MSX is covered, other micro-electronics like Nintendo (S)NES and Sony's PlayStation also pass the test.

Keep yourself in check while banging your head to his latest rendition of Konami's Knightmare. On the Banjo, of course.

Relevant link: The Banjo Guy's videos

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By meits

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06-07-2017, 18:04

Plus many kudos.

By Pencioner

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07-07-2017, 13:03

It is a pleasure. The guy is awesome. I think i will buy some tracks on occasion.