Homage to Hyper Olympics in Google Doodle

by Samor on 07-08-2012, 12:22
Topic: MSX Related

The London 2012 Olympics inspired Google to create a playable hurdles 'doodle' which closely resembles Konami's Hyper Olympics (Track & Field).

To many people, this doodle will bring back great memories of the first sports games that appeared on home computers. It's not the first time that Google gives us some retro gaming spirit, the 30th anniversary of Pacman was celebrated with this Pacman Doodle.

Relevant link: Google Doodle - Hurdles 2012

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By Samor

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07-08-2012, 13:32

Hommage in Dutch = Homage in English, btw

By larsthe18th

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07-08-2012, 14:19

This reminds me of a nice project with a Track & Filed "PAD"

By Manuel

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11-08-2012, 13:08

I'd expect the word "Tribute" Tongue

By FiXato

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11-08-2012, 14:30

To me it brings back memories of broken joysticks. Those poor joysticks...