fMSX/Android 3.5.29

by Jorito on 07-07-2012, 19:34
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Android, fMSX

Last week a new version of fMSX/Android was released. This is a significant update, with the main addition being a hardware accelerated video renderer. This should be significantly faster than the traditional software renderer. The new renderer uses OpenGL ES to scale video, but is still experimental and disabled by default. Users can enable hardware acceleration through the menu (Settings > Video > Hardware Acceleration).

fMSX/Android is available in 2 versions, a free version that is supported by ads, and a Deluxe version that costs € 3,99 but doesn't display any ads. Both versions can be installed through Google Play. The author would appreciate feedback on the new renderer from fMSX users. Feedback can be left on on the product's Google Play pages in the reviews section.

Full changelog:

  • Added experimental hardware-accelerated video option
  • Added x4 scaling factor, for 1280x800 and larger screens
  • Audio no longer skips and stutters when exiting emulation
  • Enabled ability to press several virtual buttons at once
  • Added layout editor for the virtual joystick
  • Enabled "Move to SD Card" feature
  • Added my apps to Sony Xperia Game Launcher
  • Fixed "Quit" option in the "Advanced" menu
  • Relaxed license check policies

Relevant link: fMSX/Android free version , fMSX/Android Deluxe version

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10-07-2012, 01:09

Still some roms do not boot correctly