CheatMSX updates

CheatMSX updates

by syn on 10-11-2015, 22:49
Topic: Websites

Just a bit over a week ago CheatMSX returned with a database enlisted with several cheats, 220 maps and 14 walkthroughs. Since then, the website grew enormously, new sections have been added and much more content is available for the visiting user.

In summary, the new additions of late are:

  • About 60 new maps added, contributed by various people (BiFi, JohnHassink, Meits and mars2000you amongst others)
  • IPS Patches, contributed by BiFi, of which 58 are available for download.
  • A new Peeks & Pokes section, which contains several codes and loaders for the real machine.
  • Password Generators, created by larsthe18th for F1- Spirit, Girly Block, King's Valley 2 and Zukkoke Yajikita Onmitsu Douchuu

The website is still in need for more content, so keep submittings your cheats and materials to Hydragon (

Relevant Link: Cheatmsx