C-BIOS 0.29 released

C-BIOS 0.29 released

by Manuel on 18-02-2018, 23:14
Topic: Development
Tags: c-bios, openMSX

A new version of C-BIOS, the open source compatible BIOS for MSX machines has been released. For those who want to try it quickly with openMSX: it's already included in the latest developer builds.


  • removed configs for NLMSX
  • make default international ROM 60Hz and introduce EU variant at 50Hz.
  • show more detailed localization info on no-cart screen.

Relevant link: C-Bios 0.29

Comments (2)

By sd_snatcher

Prophet (3473)

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20-02-2018, 23:39

Thank you, Manuel! It's excellent news that it now runs at 60Hz by default.

By Manuel

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21-02-2018, 17:55

At your service! (With quite some delay...)