Tecnobytes IDE/MAPPER recall and upgrade

Tecnobytes IDE/MAPPER recall and upgrade

by mister.phr0zen on 28-02-2013, 20:00
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In order to allow the update of Tecnobytes IDE+Mapper (512KB), Brazilian MSX hardware producer Technobytes has announced that they will do a free update of the board and the BIOS, upgrading it to version 2.50. For users with any IDE+Mapper from Tecnobytes with a BIOS version lower than version 2.50, you can contact them b e-mail and ask for further instructions. After the board has been updated, users can easily upgrade their BIOS to newer versions.

The normal IDE interface (without Mapper) does not need the recall process, since users can already easily update the BIOS of this hardware.

Relevant link: Tecnobytes website

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10-03-2015, 13:29

This IDE interface uses the modified ROM-Disk of the Sunrise IDE/CF interface or the same ?