Boulderdash remake by TheMysteryStudios

Boulderdash remake by TheMysteryStudios

by Jorito on 02-11-2014, 15:08
Topic: Music

German composer Manuel Uhl, better known as TheMysteryStudios has released another MSX music remake in his "A tribute to MSX" project. This time he chose to make an arrangement of the classic game Boulderdash, a well known classic strategy action game that was even ported to arcades.

As Manuel himself writes "The music is confusing and I'm faintly reminiscent of the music of Nyan Cat", and it shows. He created a nice electronic song with chiptune influences, and it's confusing and irregular for sure!

You can enjoy both the original song and the remake on the MysteryStudios Youtube page.

Relevant link: Boulderdash remake by TheMysteryStudios

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By black hawk

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04-11-2014, 10:31

Very strange ... but nice to hear. Like!