From the 5th till the 7th of April 2018, the 7th annual Middle East Film & Comic Con was held in the Dubai World Trade Center. While this convention started out featuring mostly comic books, scifi, fantasy, film and television, it's become not only the first, but also the largest pop-culture convention of its kind in the Middle East. A convention where the MSX isn't a stranger either, as this photo of a Sakhr AX-230 on display at the 2015 MEFCC shows.

This year the Arabic MSX Committee announced the publication of the Arabic MSX Guide, an 84 page guide containing detailed information about all the Arabic companies machines and softwares published by Arabic companies for the MSX system such as Sakhr, Methali,Barq, alsaqr and many others. The guide can be ordered online through their publisher, the first online store in the United Arab Emirates dedicated to selling retro video games, consoles and accessories, for about 95 United Arab Emirates Dirham. While on their site, be sure to also check out their catalogue of MSX products for sale.

Relevant link: Arabic MSX Guide at
Relevant link:'s catalogue of MSX products
Relevant link: Middle East Film & Comic Con, Dubai

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By Tolvatar

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26-04-2018, 11:05

The price for the book it's 95aed.
About 22€ or 26$

By Sander

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26-04-2018, 12:07

In the draft version, was mentioned on page 80. I'm very anxious to see the result! When the magazine is sold out, I would also kindly ask to share the texts with us, so we can translate them and add to our wiki (or do a English version of the magazine, or ebook. Would be nice! I'm always thinking the same about some Spanish magazines also. Why not do some community effort to translate some articles and then -maybe on a lower frequency- publish an English magazine? In print or virtual).

By FiXato

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27-04-2018, 19:01

Tolvatar wrote:

The price for the book it's 95aed.
About 22€ or 26$

Thanks for pointing it out. I must've misread that rather illegible font then...
I've fixed it in the news post. Smile


Resident (35)

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29-04-2018, 14:48

I think is impossible to buy for international users.
No international shipping fee. :-(