PowerMSX 1.0 released

by snout on 10-02-2002, 13:31
Topic: Emulation

On this small site you can download the first version of PowerMSX. Although I did not have the time to test the emulator myself, the readme shows this emulator is certainly worth a try.A little text from the readmeTongueower MSX is a MSX emulator that runs on DOS and emulates an MSX2 with FM-PAC (MSX Music) and PSG. Almost all the features of MSX-2 are emulated, and it has a high level of compatibility. It has also automatic MegaROM detection for the majority of Megarom Games. The FM-PAC is the one made by Mitsutaka Okazaki. It sounds great. The PSG is the same, and it is very good also. The Z80 passes the ZEXALL test and it is a version modified by me of Marat's Z80. A user-friendly GUI is also included, which configures almost all the functionality of the emulator.

Relevant link: http://www.geocities.com/ammaoski/

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By mars2000you

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13-02-2002, 23:26

The new version of PowerMSX (1.0) is a revelation : MSX 1 / MSX 2 emulation with ROM type detection, complete FM-PAC support (you can type CALLFMPAC !) and very useful GUI.

The colors of Screen 8 aren't good and there are resolution problems with Screen 7 and Width 80, but a new version with MSX 2+ support is already in development and could be available in the next weeks.

When this MSX 2+ version comes, I should modify my TOP 10 of the MSX emulators for PC

You can therefore consider this emulator as BRMSX for Windows at least !!!

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