ParaMSX 0.41

by BiFi on 24-06-2002, 18:51
Topic: Emulation

A new version of paraMSX has been released. List of features and fixes:

  • Replaced Some Code to fMSX 2.6
  • Rewrote Main GUI. (MFC based)
  • Fixed SCC sampling bug.
  • Fixed Minor Bugs.
  • Added Window Mode. (ALT+ENTER:Window/FullScreen Select)
  • Added Double Size, Double Resolution Display.
  • Added Horizontal Stretch. (Rctrl+F11)
  • Added State Save/Load. (ScreenShot+State, *.BMP)
  • Added Render Mode. (Color RGB/Mono Green/Mono White)
  • Added Small Size ScreenShot. (Rctrl+PrintScreen:272x228x24b)
  • Added Writing Sound Button.
  • Changed Mouse/Joystick Configuration.
  • Changed System Configuration Select.
  • Changed Time Acceleration.
  • Removed Launcher.
  • Removed Disk Quick List. (Rctrl+F8, Rctrl+F9)
  • Removed Tape Rewind Key. (Rctrl+F7)
  • Removed 8bit Mode Display.


A patch file to update this emulator to version 0.41a has been released today. It fixes a pallette bug in 16 bit color mode.

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