NLMSX 0.43

by BiFi on 29-07-2002, 08:57
Topic: Emulation

Another update for NLMSX was released. It has the start of MSX turbo R emulation. So what's new?

  • Support for the Turbo R (MSX-View, Illusion City etc work perfectly)Many thanks to Jirou Kaneda and Albert Beevendorp for this.Timing isn't good yet, the emulated R800 is too fastThe configuration in this zip file is an incomplete but working Turbo R,if you want the full completion then download it from the Plugins on the site.
  • Support for the TC8566AF disk controller (also used in the Turbo R)
  • Fixed a problem with accessing drive b on the commandline
  • Removed nlmsx.txt and added a user-manual, thanks to Jonemaan

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By snout

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29-07-2002, 12:52

Woohoo! The second turboR emulator arrives. I'm afraid I can not postpone the second emulator comparison much longer now Wink

(please have patience, I'm working on it!!!)