NLMSX 0.37 released

by snout on 06-02-2002, 14:19
Topic: Emulation

Source: Generation MSX

Only a few weeks after the release of version 0.36, a new version of the popular MSX Emulator NLMSX has been released.The improvements this time are: (as mentioned on their site)

  • added support for 'Normal RAM'
  • added 256 kbyte sample support for the Y8950. Thanks go to Vincent van Dam.
  • added support for two disk drives. Use F7 to select the diskimage for drive B.
  • added frame skipping support to the preferences dialog
  • added '-fullscreen' commandline parameter
  • fixed some reset problems with the MSX2+ configuration

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By mars2000you

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07-02-2002, 00:55

Whooaaa ! What a surprise .... NLMSX is the first stereo MSX emulator !

And the MSX-FAN diskmagazines work now correctly !

MSX is the best MSX emulator and each new version is a step to the perfection !