MSX.emu 1.4.27

by snout on 04-05-2012, 14:08
Topic: Emulation

A new version of MSX.emu - the blueMSX-based MSX emulator for Android devices has been released. The changelog since we last reported about this emulator:

  • Performing a Bluetooth device scan adds additional devices without disconnecting previous ones
  • Reduced scan time by connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices at once
  • Improved Bluetooth scan messages
  • Optionally allow Bluetooth connections to stay active when the app is backgrounded
  • Fixed Wii Classic Controller detection for newer models
  • Added support for the Wiimote Nunchuk extension and properly ignore unrecognized extensions
  • Tweaked color CRT filter look
  • Added a Medium-Low (M-Low) setting to Diagonal Sensitivity
  • Fixed a possible white screen rendering bug on Adreno-based devices running CM9
  • Added support for the OES_texture_npot OpenGL extension used on Mali GPUs (Galaxy S2, etc.)
  • Disabled OES_texture_npot on all Adreno 200 GPUs (LG Optimus V, etc.) due to faulty OpenGL driver causing blank font rendering
  • Additionally disabled OES_texture_npot on any Adreno GPU running Android 2.2 or less (HTC Evo Shift 4G, etc.) due to faulty OpenGL driver
  • Added option to hide the Android 4.0+ navigation bar if the device allows it
  • Base default GUI navigation options on whether the device has a hardware menu button, instead of whether it runs Android 3.0+ or not

MSX.emu can be acquired for € 6,19 in Google Play.

Relevant link: MSX.emu