MSX80 release 3

by snout on 07-01-2007, 18:49
Topic: Emulation

Following the release of fMSX/S60 1.15, jr has also released an updated version of MSX80, an MSX emulator for Nokia S80 compliant mobile phones. Changes in this version:

  • Support for 92xx phone models (without sound)
  • Support for zip files (not in 92xx version)
  • "Archive as disk" virtual disk support for zip (not in 92xx version)
  • Support for quick save state & quick load state keys
  • Support for quick swapping alternate keyboard/joystick mapping
  • Support for user configurable data location (memory card or phone memory)
  • Bug fix for saved state loading
  • Bug fix for V9938/V9958 search command emulation
  • Fixed Korean MegaROM mappers, now they actually work
  • Corrected TMS9918A palette to match the definitions in the TI manual
  • Bottom border rendering bug fix for 192 line modes

As usual, you can discuss this release, suggest features and report bugs in this forum topic.

Relevant link: MSX80 website

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08-01-2007, 16:56

It was great to get the good old 9210i out of closet, it's great to use mobile MSX emulator with QWERTY-keyboard. Thanx again jr!

By jr

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12-01-2007, 19:25

My pleasure, and of course many thanks to you NYYRIKKI for helping out with the beta testing. Hopefully MSX stays among the top of the most emulated machines Wink