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by wolf_ on 17-08-2012, 23:00
Topic: Emulation
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There are multiple ways in which the openMSX team can be reached for bug reports, feature suggestions and other forms of support. These include IRC, the openMSX mailinglist and a forum. Unfortunately, following technical issues, their forum has been off-line for a while. To support openMSX development and revive this type of communication, the MSX Resource Center has decided to lend a hand and open a sub forum dedicated to openMSX in our Semi MSX Talk section.

As the openMSX developers have already been using MRC for years, this new forum will probably end up as a semi-official openMSX forum. This concept isn't unique; there are more community websites, hosting dedicated sub forums for small and large organisations. The integration of such organisations in a large community proves to be fruitful.

Naturally, there have already been forum threads about openMSX in our Emulation section. Gradually we will move these specific threads towards this new sub forum. In the mean time, if you have spotted bugs, if you have feature requests or if you need any assistance regarding openMSX: feel free to make use of this new forum - ask away! Have you already given openMSX 0.9.0 a swing?

Relevant link: openMSX

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By mars2000you

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17-08-2012, 23:13

"following technical issues"

I don't think it's the real reason. blueMSX forum exists since more years than the openMSX forum, the blueMSX team (myself most of the time) has always succeeded to maintain the blueMSX forum free from spammer and hacker's attacks. All is a question of taking the good decisions on this matter. Probably Vampier (and eventually other openMSX members) has not always taken the good decisions to fight against spammers and hackers.

By Vampier

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17-08-2012, 23:19

Mars2000you: over the last 9 years I've put a lot of time and money into openMSX just like you have done in blueMSX. At a certain point there comes an end to certain stuff... and that time has come now. Hosting isn't free / hardware isn't free / software isn't free (all my computers run legal versions of window and software I use). I will keep on supporting openMSX for now though.

I wan to thank / for their sponsorship over the last 9 years. These guys have been great!

Last but not least I want to thank the MRC foundation for stepping up and providing this service free of charge.

We hope that the user experience will go up and the threshold for people to start using openMSX will get lower.

By Manuel

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18-08-2012, 12:19

Thanks for the support, MRC! We really appreciate it! And yes, most openMSX devs will keep special attention to this subforum, so you can reach us more easily.

By Prodatron

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23-08-2012, 10:25

Think it's a good decission to bundle this here at MRC. You don't need to hop between two places anymore, and I guess even more people will follow the openMSX development now.

By snout

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23-08-2012, 14:13

Took the time and liberty to move some old openMSX topics to the new openMSX forum. Please let me know if for some reason a topic doesn't belong there (or if you spot a topic that should be in 'openMSX' somewhere else in our forum).

Thanks & enjoy!