MAME 0.68

by Sander on 17-05-2003, 14:53
Topic: Emulation


Mame .68 has been released. Mame stands for "the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator". It can emulate a lot of different Arcade games. Among them a lot of games from companies that also produced games for MSX in the past. The arcade versions sometimes differ from the MSX versions in terms of graphics, level design, music and sequals.
Mame .68 changes from .67:

  • Added code to allow clicking anywhere in the screenshot window to toggle the art views
    Added code to allow disabling / toggling individual art views
    Added support for the new core D3D items
    Added support for the new core audio latency settings

Apart from these updates, each new version of Mame usually also brings support for new arcade titles and better support for old ones.
Among the new titles for this release are: Birdie King 3, Cannon Ball, Chack'n Pop, Mighty! Pang, Mello Yello Q*bert, Salamander 2 and Operation Wolf 3.

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