fMSX-Symbian 3.4

by fms on 30-09-2007, 16:46
Topic: Emulation

Together with the new release of fMSX 3.4 a new version of fMSX-Symbian was released as well. To this emulator, the following extra changes were made:

  • Added Fill & Soften zoom mode
  • Added virtual keyboard support to enter filename when saving files from the built-in menu
  • Fixed issue with gameplay being too fast
  • Fixed possible source of instabilities in the S60 open file dialog
  • Fixed exit via Symbian-specific menu
  • Fixed premature termination of the emulation thread when exiting fMSX-Symbian, soundtrack recording and config saving work again
  • The [CLEAR] key is no longer used to toggle sound. It acts as [BACKSPACE] instead

Relevant link: fMSX-Symbian website