fMSX-Symbian 3.3

by fms on 14-06-2007, 14:55
Topic: Emulation

fMSX-Symbian 3.3 has just been released. It will work on any 3rd Edition S60 phone from Nokia or its partners. It's free, so download it here!

The list of most important changes, fixes, and additions:

  • Added virtual keyboard, invoked by pressing [EDIT] or left [SHIFT] key. The keyboard can work in three modes: "Off", "Single Key Entry", and "Multiple Keys Entry"
  • Added display orientation settings ("Portrait", "Landscape", or "Auto" )
  • Finally fixed opendir() problem. All built-in menu file dialogs work now!
  • Further extended and optimized screen rendering routines
  • Now using true 512-wide display drivers for SCREEN6, SCREEN7 and TEXT80
  • Printer output is now saved into E:\Others\fMSX\PRINTER.OUT
  • Renamed fMSX-Symbian binary and resource files to avoid name a clash with the fMSX/S60 port by Juha Riihimaki

If you need help, or if you want to ask a question, report a bug, or suggest a new feature, you're invited to come to the EMUL8 discussion group.

Relevant link: fMSX-Symbian

Comments (5)

By jltursan

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14-06-2007, 15:09

Why not a version compatible with older devices like the now "prehistoric" S60 2nd edition phones? Crying

By jr

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14-06-2007, 17:05

S60 platform versions prior to 3 require a bit different programming framework (read: the OS has more restrictions); porting a 3rd edition app to 2.x (or 1.x) needs some additional work whereas porting a 1.x/2.x app to 3rd edition is more straightforward.

By fms

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14-06-2007, 18:25

Starting with the 3rd Edition, S60 programs have become executables (i.e. .EXEs) rather than libraries (.DLLs). This made porting software to S60 much easier. It is still possible to port stuff to the previous S60 editions, but the ports are more difficult to make and maintain.

By jr

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14-06-2007, 19:23

Also, the older phones have less powerful CPUs so getting the emulation running means more tweaking Wink

By Nautilus

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19-06-2007, 15:34

Nokia E90 + fMSX Symbian 3.3 = PocketMSX Big smile