fMSX for Series 60 v0.95

by Latok on 15-10-2003, 14:25
Topic: Emulation

It has happened. Juha Riihimäki has released a new version of his MSX emulator for Series 60 mobile phones, such as the Nokia 3650, the Nokia 7650, the Nokia N-Gage and the Nokia 6600. And this time, sound is supported! In an experimental stage, but still. The emulator is based on fMSX 2.7 source code. Here is an overview of the new features since the previous version:

  • Experimental sound support for PSG, SCC and SCC+ chips
  • Disk read ahead cache improved for gzipped disks
  • Joystick keymappings for diagonal directions
  • Smaller bug fixes and changes here and there

If you have any suggestions for the future, you can post them in this forum thread. If you need a tool to help you get a running SIS image, try Sousuke's ROMpackager.

Get the latest version here

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By cax

Prophet (3736)

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17-10-2003, 21:04

Will somebody ever create FMSX port on a Palm handhelp ?
Latest models have enough CPU power and screen resolution.
Does anybody work on this ?