fMSX-SDL Updated

by tfh on 22-07-2001, 13:57
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX-SDL has been released. This is a SDL (Simple Direct Media Library) port of Marat Fayzullin's fMSX emulator. Though there already is an excellent port of fMSX emulator to Windows (paraMSX), it is based on fMSX 2.2 and misses significant changes of 2.3 which enables running of demo’s. This port, which is based on 2.5, also includes MSX-MUSIC emulation, and is the first MSX emulator which includes MSX-AUDIO emulation. You can download the new version at: fMSX-SDL @ VincentD's page

Addon by Benoit Delvaux:Many changes :

  • fixed sprite bug (in MSX-1 screens)
  • added notification for disk switching, autofire and state file
  • added functionality for multiple disks in the front end
  • added ability to save default configuration of front end
  • changed the default buffer size to 1024 in the configuration
  • changed audio output from 8 bits to 16 bits
  • upgraded emu2413 emulation (MSX-MUSIC) from 0.38 to 0.50
  • upgraded base fMSX source from 2.4 to 2.5
  • published source code as patch on fMSX 2.5 code