fMSX 3.2

by tfh on 15-05-2007, 21:47
Topic: Emulation

Marat has released a new version of fMSX, version 3.2. New in this version:

  • Added ChangePrinter() function to set printer redirection file
  • Moved disk operations to a separate submenu of the built-in menu and added "Eject Disk" options
  • Added an easy "Load File" option to the built-in menu and the fMSX-Windows
  • Added options to redirect printer and sound logging output to the built-in menu and the fMSX-Windows
  • Added error messages to fMSX-Windows and fMSX-Symbian
  • Added frame rate display option to fMSX-Symbian
  • Added "fill screen" zoom option to fMSX-Symbian
  • Added MIDI soundtrack logging to fMSX-Symbian (saved into E:\Sounds and can be used as ringtones)
  • Added configurable button and key mappings to fMSX-Symbian
  • fMSX-Symbian application menu is now split into three pages

Relevant Link: fMSX 3.2