C-BIOS 0.12

by snout on 27-09-2002, 00:31
Topic: Emulation

Boukichi released version 0.12 of his MSX compatible BIOS. This time there are a lot of improvements. The most important one is that the first steps were made to emulate disk-access. C-BIOS 0.12 can already handle normal double sided disks. If such a disk is detected, you can select a file and run it right at the boot. Disks with special bootsectors etc. are not supported yet.The creation of a compatible BIOS is important, because it enables free and legal distribution of complete, working MSX Emulators, like the MSXPLAYer. People who would like to support C-BIOS can contact Boukichi. He is able to read and write (simple) English mails.

The full changelog since 0.11

  • Added first version of DSK support
  • Added INITSC7
  • Changed cartridge detection routine
  • Changed screen mode at time of cartridge execution
  • Fixed keyboard routines
  • Fixed GTTRIG and GTSTCK

You can find C-BIOS 0.12 right here and test it yourself in your favorite MSX emulator.