C-BIOS 0.05

by snout on 26-08-2002, 20:28
Topic: Emulation

Source: Boukichi

Boukichi released a new version of C-BIOS, the rewritten BIOS compatible with the original MSX BIOS.New BIOS-CALLS implemented are: INITGRP (only for Screen 2), CHGMOD and H.STKE. Also the memory recognition system has been rewritten, some bugs were fixed and a sound-test was added!Boukichi is still looking for a new name of this BIOS. Mail him if you have a nice suggestions. Also, developers of Emulators who like to incorporate C-BIOS with their emulators (like openMSX already does), and coders/hardware specialists who think they can help Boukichi developing this BIOS, please contact Boukichi!